About Troels Keldmann

TROELS KELDMANN, M.Sc. and Ph.D. has during his youth, education and professional work been focused on management of innovation. He has in a talented way been able to combine his research on innovation approaches, with the innovation philosophy and methodology developed by his family.

Troels Keldmann is an internationally experienced executive in R&D-management, innovation and business development. He has special interest in innovation through strategic partnerships and alliances, where technological, commercial, legal and organizational issues are critical for success.

During more than 10 years he developed and commercialized the family’s own technology for pulmonary (lung) and nasal (nose) drug delivery. These activities were placed in Direct-Haler A/S. In collaborations and partnerships with licensees and scientific collaborators, the company’s extensive patent and documentation portfolio was matured for further development and marketing by an international pharma company. In 2010 all technologies, patents, rights and assets were acquired by Acerus Pharmaceuticals (former Trimel Pharmaceuticals).

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