The most troublesome Entrepreneurships are based on Disruptive Innovations.

We have in my family performed more than one world wide patented disruptive Innovation. As Entrepreneurs we have experienced that to realize a disruptive Innovation is a long and very wearing journey.

In the disruptive is embedded a trigger for resistance from the established opinion makers and so called experts, who are positioning themselves by being for or against change.

We created our disruptive Innovations and got new tasks, because the opinion makers, who are for change are now asking for more documentation,evidence and ’’proof of concept’’, and the opinion makers who are against the change attack the disruptive Innovation with all means. This hurdles and resistance from the establishment has killed many disruptive Innovations.

To have skills in Innovation are not automatic making you an Entrepreneur. In fact if you are able to perform disruptive Innovations, you will experience, that the task of realization and execution will be even more difficult and with a higher demand for business talents, entrepreneurship, perseverance – and financial support. Financing from sources, who too early want to dominate all decisions regarding realization, has often been a diaster for disruptive Innovations.

Now, how did we succeeded to survive with our disruptive Innovations?.

If you have dedicated your entire life to Innovation and do not have the financial strength to bring your Innovations all the way to realized good business, you must from the first day acknowledge, that your Disruptive Innovation is for sale from the moment it can survive the resistance without your Knowledge, Creativity and Perseverance – and when a competent and financial strong new owner is ready.

One of our Disruptive Innovations was the All Embracing Room Heating System based on the knowledge,  that ideal room heating must be designed for the most comfortable release of human body heat (by light indoor clothing). This system can reduce energy consumption by 30 % and at the same time make an optimal indoor climate. We founded the Elpan-Wanpan company, build a factory and after 10 exhausting years, we sold the company. We are happy to say the concept and products are still available on the market.

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It is important for me to emphasize that the world need Innovations – but not necessarily Disruptive. Disruptive Innovations are for the time being a hot item for many Innovation -, Management – and Business Thinkers, but I think we are still too few who know, How to Innovate!!, so let it be your first step.

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October 26, 2017
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