Entrepreneurial Innovation by a Virtual Organization and Working Method

As Innovation Executive in existing companies I have experienced the frustration when  we,  in our search for, and evaluation of, Innovation Project Ideas, met the ’’ceiling’’ of  knowledge, facilities and capacity of the existing organization . This resulted in, that some promissing Project Ideas were rejected and employees with entrepreneurial spirit were disappointed.
But as we have said and demonstrated many times ’’Innovation must be an approach to the entire business’’ and the organization and working method are no exceptions.

Today we must acknowledge, that it is very few organizations, which can afford to have all expertise in house. In our family company we could not afford to have a complete organization for Innovation, but we wanted to work with Innovation at the same high level as the big companies. We had to Innovate the way we were ’’Thinking Innovation Organization and the Managing of Innovation’’. It all started with a specific Innovation Project Idea.

Some people do not like, when I am saying. ’’we have no new ideas – we have only new combinations of old combinations!’’.
In this case we allowed ourselves, based on our experiences from big organizations, to imagine our Dream Organization for realizing this specific Innovation Project Idea.

As Innovation Executives we could go through this Dream Organization and estimate, how many hours we needed from each expert. We had to be very effective in our management and as the value of Innovations often represent Intellectual Property  we needed a system of Confidentiallity Agreements to protect our Intellectual Property in this kind of ’’Open Innovation’’ .
Our conclusion: We could afford to operate a Virtual Organization.

By combining, our Innovation Pathway with the functions of the Internet, gave us the feature, that our experts could be placed all over the world.

We had realized our Dream Organization as a Virtual Organization.

It was a marvellous experience for Troels Keldmann, who with success  managed this Virtual Organization, consisting of experts from Korea, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherland and Denmark.
Our IT-based Innovation Pathway was the ’’vehicle’’ making this management possible. Every Expert were knowing precisely her/his role in their actual subproject.  Our special IT-based Project Specification, Status Report and Innovation Tree were the means for this Virtual Working Method.

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August 22, 2023
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