Knowledge is key – also in the Innovation definition

“Just think out of the box!…” I often hear this from people, who believe that the innovation process is equal to “just getting new ideas”. But this is the minor part of my Innovation Pathway. Innovation is much more than creation of ideas. My innovation definition is based on my many years of practice as Innovation Executive:

Innovation is
the beneficial utilization of
knowledge and creativity,
in order to discover and realize
what does not yet exist.

Knowledge is central in the innovation definition. Knowledge provides substance to creativity. Building up this Knowledge and expanding it, is an ongoing task. Step by step the Knowledge is built up as the resource when progressing in the Development Spiral through information collection, analysis, generating ideas, evaluating and selecting the way forward, giving you the focus of next round in the Development Spiral. Each round in the Development Spiral will frame important Knowledge.

The Mission of the Company is the first Knowledge Frame.  The next Knowledge Frame is created by the Management Team when transforming the Mission into a row of Strategy elements captured in the Innovation Tree. This is now the Knowledge Frame and guide in the search for and creation of Innovation Project Ideas to be evaluated and initiated by the Management Team. Further rounds in the Development Spiral supplies the Knowledge for wording the Innovation Project Specification, and the Stakeholder Overview, stated in Concept and Product/Service elements in the Innovation Tree.

Knowledge is captured and expressed in the Innovation Tree. In a straightforward language by “Value-words” and “Action-words” it secures coherence between company Mission and scope of Innovation Projects. The Innovation Tree is Innovation of the entire Company on one page. The Innovation Tree makes you Master your Knowledge Frames for innovation. I will teach you how.

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February 24, 2016
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