The Innovation Tree. A book on my empirically developed innovation method and philosophy.

As Innovation Executive, I decided to define what the value word Innovation means to me:

Innovation is
the beneficial utilization
of Knowledge and Creativity,
in order to discover and realize
what does not yet exist.             

This definition has been my guideline. Both when realizing own innovations and inventions, as well as, when I have assisted all my clients in innovating their entire business, products and services. To be a practitician, who dare to make a precise definition of own working area, means that you have grasped the core of the job.

I have learned that “Innovation is an approach to the entire business” during my collaboration with the Advertising and Communication company NP/Grey founded by CEO and Owner Hans Prehn. Basis for our collaboration was our definition of Innovation and the following statement of Hans Prehn:

Innovative products and services
are prerequisite for
good and relevant sales communication.     

We demonstrated together, that Marketing, Communication and Advertising must become an integrated part of all Innovation Projects. Hans did encourage me to write a book about our Working Method and Philosophy and we decided to write the book together.

In our Innovation Pathway, the key element is The Innovation Tree: Our creativity enhancing communication mean, which on one page embraces the Mission, Strategy, Concepts of the entire business by means of ’’Action-words’’ and ’’Value-words’’. The Innovation Tree is again and again a source of innovation inspiration to all members of the organization. This is the good reason why the title of the book is The Innovation Tree.

The video gives you more insight on the e-book The Innovation Tree.

Erik Keldmann

December 18, 2015
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