Managing Innovation – a tough nut to crack

To manage Innovation is a special dicipline quite different from traditional Management.

As Innovation is beneficial utilization of knowledge and creativity is the management of it the art of: Collection of Inforformation, Transforming the Information to Knowledge and Using the Knowledge to New Idea Combinations by means of the Creativity in the Management Team, the Project manager and in the Innovation Team.

To enhance this art of Management we have developed our ’’Innovation Project  Status Report’’, which is designed to embrace Information, Acknowledgements, Creation of ideas, Evaluation of solution ideas, Decisions, Stipulated future activities, Specification of Needed Ressources, New ressource persons added and to keep and maintain every detail to secure execution and documentation of the entire Innovation Pathway.

A complete Innovation Status Report must be the output of every meeting in the Innovation Project Team and when the Project Manager is asked to report to the Steering Committee she is making one Steering Status out of the highlights from all the last Innovation Project Status Reports. Same report same terminology at all organizational levels.

The members of the Steering Commitee will often be taken from the Management Team and the Innovation Project Status Report is designed to enhance the Management of Innovation through exploitation of the knowledge and creativity in the Management Team and in the entire organization.

I have often been asked: ’’How comes, that you dare to imagine the future and to guarantee an Innovation ready when needed?’’. The answer is: ’’ I have learned the art of Managing Innovation the hard way, in practise, and our Innovation Pathway is giving you all the best means from my 45 years of experience’’.

If you pay interest in the ’’DNA’’ of our Innovation Pathway : ’’Innovation Case Carmen Clairol’’ (video).

October 18, 2017
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