Marketing Professional


You are Marketing Professional with commercial business insight. You or your Management Team may have recognized the need for innovation or need to improve overall ability to innovate. Your market insight naturally makes you a central person, when the Management Team is scoping and focusing innovation initiatives. This course will give you as Marketing Professional the practise focused competence and means, you may need to initiate, head or contribute to innovation initiatives, as Innovation Executive.

All course elements are built from our own decades of innovation experience. The cases are from our own history, and you get the Innovation Pathway and templates we successfully have used and refined during years of practical experience as Innovation Practitioners and Innovation Executives.

You will learn how coherently executed innovation is initiated, managed and realized. Your learning includes:

  • Case-based video lessons on an international coherent learning case from initiation to realization.
  • SkillBuilder videos on each of the Innovation Pathway’s eleven Office based document templates.
  • Your personal copy of downloaded template versions in different languages (English, Deutsch, Dansk, Español and Francais).
  • Introduction video to, and your personal copy of our e-book: The Innovation Tree.
  • Additional Innovation Case videos on three of our own international innovation cases illustrating successful applications of our Innovation Pathway from initiation to realization of award winning innovations.

In our experience, then successful innovation initiatives involves the management team, those with market insight (marketing), those with customer insight (sales/key account) and the practitioners, who take responsibility for the innovation project (more than just project management).

Therefore, we offer a combined course approach, visualizing the perspectives of the key players in innovation initiatives. In the course you will as Marketing Professional learn your own role as Innovation Executive, and therefore also as potential Steering Committee member for Innovation projects. But also roles of the others, so you will be able to supplement the resources available in your organisation.

Coherently executed innovation can be achieved when Management Team, Marketing, Sales and project lead, together are working with same method and philosophy. Encourage your colleagues to join Learn From Innovators, on the courses representing their perspective.

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