Course Curriculum

SECTION 1: Marketing Professional, an important Innovation ressource.
C. Lesson 1: Introduction to your course 00:21:00
SECTION 2: Customer needs, the trigger to initiate Innovation.
C. Lesson 2: Recognize need for innovation 00:24:00
C. SkillBuilder: Project Specification 00:12:00
C. SkillBuilder. Status 00:13:00
SECTION 3: Marketing Professionals: key in innovation initiation and execution.
C. Lesson 3: Scope of Innovation 00:16:00
C. SkillBuilder: Stakeholder Overview 00:12:00
C. SkillBuilder: Stakeholder Info Search 00:06:00
C. SkillBuilder: Innovation Tree 00:32:00
C. SkillBuilder: Brainstorm 00:06:00
SECTION 4: Supporting and managing the Innovation Team. Reaping the first fruits.
C. Lesson 4: Project Ideas and Project Initiation 00:27:00
C. SkillBuilder: Project Idea Evaluation 00:13:00
C. SkillBuilder: Team 00:08:00
C. SkillBuilder: Solution Idea Evaluation 00:09:00
SECTION 5: Market insight, competence and courage: the way to Radical Innovation.
C. Lesson 5: Development and Realization 00:26:00
C. SkillBuilder: Time Plan 00:06:00
C. SkillBuilder: Budget 00:06:00
SECTION 6: The Innovation Tree – an approach to business.
C. Lesson 6: Introducing the e-book The Innovation Tree 00:07:00
SECTION 7: Innovation Executives and Practitioners in action.
C. Innovation Case: Carmen Clairol 00:29:00
C. Innovation Case: Superfos – Flugger 00:30:00
C. Innovation Case: DirectHaler 00:48:00
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