Enhance your Creativity and Innovation by optimal use of your language.

The ability to innovate will be the most sought after competence in the future. Unfortunately, too many still have the point of view, that to innovate is like invention and art; only for extremely creative persons.

Being a senior Innovation Executive, I often have been regarded as one of those gifted creative persons. But I am not. My performance is learned the hard way, by practice. Again and again. So if you have desire, courage and will, then my Innovation Pathway will teach you how to innovate.

My entire life has been dedicated to creativity and Innovation in practice. On contrary to many other practitioners, I have always been very much aware of the triggers for ideas, solutions, collaborations and realizations. In this way I have step by step, by experience, created and refined The Innovation Pathway. Said short, I learned and designed it by practicing and it is now available as a set of valuable steppingstones offered to all of you, who sincerely want to learn to innovate.

In our Learn From Innovators.com, The Innovation Pathway is the working philosophy and method. One of the stepping stones is a way you can use your language to enhance the creativity of individuals and teams.

Learn to express your innovation task by precise, committing and emotional words which enhance your and your teams creativity.

Basically, I am convinced that the language, used in the right way, is the strongest creativity enhancing mean for human beings. In fact the precondition for any use of whatever idea-technique you prefer. Many years ago I noticed the efficiency of phrasing my Innovation Task by only two carefully chosen words: An “Action-Word”(verb) and a “Value-Word” (noun). The “Action-Word” expresses my sincere intention and will to optimize and strengthen the “Value-Word”: All dedicated to cover the acknowledged or unacknowledged need of my customer.

An example could be the task of innovating a drugstore. In this case I would express my mission ’’Ensure – FamilyWellbeing’’. From this base I can start my creative work by asking the Idea Question: “In which ways will we in the future “Ensure – FamilyWellbeing” by this drugstore?”

If you or your Manager are not able to express your innovation task in this very plain way, you have simply more work to do with information collection and analysis.

Without having any specific linguistic knowledge, my desire for creativity and innovation happened to guide me to realize what the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) already had defined as “the Hypothetical Imperative; a principle stating the action required to attain a desired goal”.

In this way, I am comfortable in recommending you to use my creativity enhancing “play with the language”.      

Erik Keldmann

December 18, 2015
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