Why the management Team simply must become the most important Innovation Team.

Many companies fail in, or never get started their Innovation Team initiatives. The main reason for this is always the missing competences in the Management Team.

I have seen many senior executives claiming nice Visions, but without any execution.
Reason: The Management Teams have never learned to translate these nice words into actions for innovation of Mission, Strategy and Concepts.

When it comes to initiating and focusing innovation of the Mission, Strategy and Concepts of a company, then are we dealing with the most important task of the Management Team. But most unfortunately too many Management Teams act more as Fire Brigade than Innovation Team. The Management Team of the future must act as Innovation Executives.

I have taught Management Teams how become their company’s key innovation team, by starting expressing every strategy element by use of creativity enhancing actionwords and valuewords. Making the fundament for developing and expressing new Concepts. All in coherence with the company Mission. My many years as Innovation Coach for Management Teams has proven, that this is the right start on The Innovation Pathway.

Erik Keldmann

December 18, 2015
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