Why stay down on the ground? You should climb up the ”The Innovation Tree” instead. Because from there you will be able …

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Claus Holm Creative Director, Bergsøe 4

The Inspiration was so tangible that I had to put the book down several times to work on our own …

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Lars Hein Director, Institute for Product Development, Technical University of Denmark

An eminent tool for carrying out the innovation projects that are necessary to develop the public sector so that it …

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Morten Fenger Office Manager, Danish Agency for Labor Market

The ”The Innovation Tree” is an inspiring and practically oriented introduction to the work of renewing not just products and …

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Jan Rolin Frederiksen Head of Commercial Development

The book is an inspiring eye-opener for all of us who suffer from involuntary tunnel vision.

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Asger Aamund Managing Director, A.J. Aamund A/S

For the first time a proper book has been published that shows the way to genuine innovation. Inspiration, innovation and …

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Jens Juul Nielsen Head of Communications, Coop.

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