An experience-based definition of the Value-Word ’’Innovation’’.

We all have the right to define and express the meaning and values we find in any word we use. Many have from a theoretical point of view proposed their definition of the word innovation.

The need for ’’Innovation’’ is expressed again and again. Unfortunately, few know how to ’’Innovate’’. As an experienced Innovation Executive I often see companies and organizations who did not resist the temptation to add the words ’’Innovation/Innovative’’ to their achievements – however, with limited reason. It is time for rescuing the word ’’Innovation’’, and re-claiming its value and content.

To Innovate is an approach to the entire business. Innovation of the Mission, Strategy and Concepts is the responsibility of the Management Team. The initiated Innovation Projects must be based on the created Strategy and Concepts. The projects should be managed by trained Innovation Practitioners and their Teams, in dialog with the Management Team. In this way Innovation will be an approach to the entire business.

I have dedicated my entire professional life to Innovation. With 45 years of experience resulting in many innovations, inventions, entrepreneurships, I have defined the job of Innovation in this way:

Innovation is
the beneficial utilization of
knowledge and creativity,
in order to discover and realize
what does not yet exist.”

Notice, that I emphasize the word beneficial, because your Innovation efforts must be beneficial to someone: Without a scope there is no meaning in Innovation. Be also aware, that I use the word knowledge before the word creativity, simply because when it comes to real Innovation, then creativity has no substance without Knowledge.

Combining a scope with knowledge and creativity, then you can discover and realize, what does not yet exist.

Innovation is a Value-Word. Make your effort to sustain and increase its true high value.

Erik Keldmann

December 18, 2015
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