The flexible and effective e-learning way to mastery of Innovation

Mastery of Innovation as a discipline has such a perceived importance for the survival of any organization, so the discipline has its own faculties in our universities and centres for learning.

There is an immense acknowledged need for Innovation Executives and Innovation Practitioners, who know ’’How to innovate the entire business’’ and are skilled in the art. Historically, it was recognized that skilled people could acquire Mastery of Innovation, when “learning by doing” in collaboration and supervision of Masters.

My son, Dr. Troels Keldmann, Innovation Executive, decided and encouraged me to transform our many years as Innovation Executives, to an “e-learning by doing”-platform, complemented by the experience of  two Masters. We named the new e-learning system,

We are convinced that Innovation is for the entire business, which means learning must be available for the entire organization. This web-based learning system makes it available to everybody who has a smartphone, tablet or computer.

With own acquired experience and innovation track record across several industries we were equipped to provide the learning experience in From 45 years of practice as Innovation Executives, Innovation Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Coaches, we have condensed 200.000 hours of innovation experience to 6 hours concentrated video-based e-learning.

Our Innovation e-learning has many features for you and your company:

  • Targeted courses for Management Team members and Project Managers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs.
  • You choose when and where to e-learn. All you need is online access on phone, tablet or computer.
  • No travel expenses and days away from work and home.
  • You get Video Lessons, Video SkillBuilders and Video Innovation case stories (long period flexible access).
  • Ready to start innovation projects with Office Pathway Templates in five languages (for keeps), and your personal copy of the e-book The Innovation Tree.

Innovation is “beneficial utilization of knowledge and creativity…” and is the shortest way for you and your company to acquire mastery of this modern art.

Erik Keldmann

December 18, 2015
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