The Innovation Pathway enables you to activate all your team resources for innovation success.

During 45 years as Innovation Practitioner and Innovation Executive I have experienced disappointments and successes. I know how to avoid disappointments and how to prepare for achieving success in Innovation.

Many disappointments emerged from hidden and overlooked facts, from when the project was specified: The scope of the project being based on a fixed Solution Idea instead of identifying the acknowledged or unacknowledged need. Other disappointments were caused by Stakeholder Overview with superficial information. Missing the understanding that every project has its positive and negative Stakeholders and that the negative can be very destructive along the Innovation Pathway.

If you want to prepare for Innovation success, you better realize that Innovation has to be an approach to the entire business and therefore not only the activity of a single inventor or a single creative session. Innovation is a process involving the skills of the Management Team, Project Managers, Employees with Entrepreneurial Spirit, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals and Technical Specialists.

All involved must be managed to contribute in the process. I have managed so many different teams and learned it the hard way. If you want High Performance from your Team, it is your responsibility that all members of the Team share the same working philosophy and working method. Innovation will in this way be the collective creative process, which is needed, if we, in a tough competitive world, want “to realize what does not yet exist”. offers you our very best means to practise “Innovation as an approach to the entire business”. We address the Management Team, Project Managers, Sales professionals, Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs by targeted courses. All based on the same Innovation working Philosophy and Method.

This is our recommended way to make the entire organization to one Innovation Dream team and Innovation to an approach to your entire business.

Erik Keldmann

January 7, 2016
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